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Agility classes are held weekly in Two Acre Meadow at Wagalot barn and are for any breed of dog over a year old who is fit and healthy. You first need to attend two Agility workshops where you and your dog are introduced to all of the various pieces of standard agility equipment in a safe and stress-free manner.

Dates for next set of workshops are on our home page but need to be booked with Sue to secure a place

Agility can be very therapeutic for dogs who seem to have lots of pent up energy and it is an excellent way to build a strong bond with your dog whilst keeping fit too!
Agility classes are held during the daytime on Mondays, early evenings on Tuesdays and during the daytime on Saturdays in Two Acre Meadow at Wagalot Barn, Pitton. Classes are mainly run by Sue and Karen. Workshops are usually run by Sue, Karen, Fenella and Ruth and we always aim to have a ratio of one trainer to three dogs at workshops

You should recieve a timetable of class times when you complete your workshops. These will change when we switch from Summer to Winter so please check with Sue if you have not attended for a while.

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