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At funfordogs we are passionate about the importance of starting your new puppy out on the right track by getting sound behavioural advice, good early socialisation and a structured approach to their early learning to help your puppy become a well adjusted and happy adult dog.

We provide special Puppy Behaviour and Development classes for puppies between 8 weeks and 16 weeks held at Avon Lodge Veterinary Centre, Stratford Road, Salisbury, SP1 3JN, Hampton Park Veterinary Centre, Sycamore Dr, Bishopdown, Salisbury, SP1 3GZ and Stonehenge Vets, Larkhill Road, Durrington SP4 8DP, as well as a weekly class at Wagalot barn exclusively for young puppies from about 12 weeks old where they can learn basic Puppy Good Manners in a safe and friendly environment.

At Puppy Behaviour classes you will be given advice on preventing problems such as dog-dog aggression, separation anxiety, fear problems and phobias. We will also demonstrate how to use reward based methods to train some basic behaviours such as 'Sit', 'Come Here', 'Leave' and 'Heel'. Puppies will also get an opportunity to build some social skills with controlled free play sessions.

At Puppy Good Manners classes we will help you introduce your puppy to a class environment in a gentle manner to prevent a build up of stress. All classes are very small so that your puppy can enjoy learning in a safe environment. Modern, reward based methods of training are used and we compliment the learning started at the Puppy Behaviour classes. Puppies also get a chance to enhance their social skills around other puppies and some safe adult dogs.
At both classes we practice off lead play sessions only with puppies of similar ages and similar sizes. This is done in a controlled manner so that all puppies benefit. You are shown how to help a less confident puppy become more comfortable around other puppies and we also help tone down any over boisterous or bullyish behaviour. At Wagalot barn we also introduce your puppy to some safe adult dogs.
Puppy Behaviour Class leaflet

Puppy Good Manners Class leaflet